It gives me that delirious rush! That intoxicated feeling! Don’t be shocked or think I’m cuckoo, but it’s one of the most intense and exciting things for me. Being on the set of a big time national talk show turns me on more than sex! I love the cameras, the crew, the famous hosts and the guests. And thanks to one of my clients I had another umpteen date with my first love, the TV studio. I accompanied frugal living expert Lauren Greutman to 30 Rock. One of Lauren’s 12th time on Today, my 10,000th time on an NBC set. Jennifer Lopez was the star performer and that just threw me into a state of intoxication.




Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from star-struck.  I guess you can compare my adrenalin rush to the blood, sweat and tears of a stock trader in the middle of the insanity on the exchange floor, feeling the pulsating beat of the music throughout your body when you sit front row at a rock concert or even walking down the aisle at your wedding to take your vows.

I’d been in more TV studios than I can count, way more than 10K… and standing next to dozens of stage managers in these small, freezer cold rooms just always turned me on more than any boyfriend. I also can’t forget the the studio audiences. Being on set in front of hundreds of fans really was the icing on the cake.



lauren on set      Donna Lauren on set

As many of you already know, I’ve booked thousands of guests over my long TV career who talked about everything and anything under the sun… from the taboo to the bizarre. Many were so outrageous that I’m embarrassed to disclose. And the hosts… some awful, some amazing, and some lucky ones destined for daytime stardom who I helped push to the top. But at this stage in my life it was my time to shine and to create a new orgasmic turn-on!.

AND I DID IT!  I started my own business! One of my biggest professional turn-ons! In fact, this summer marks a BIG milestone for me because it’s Swoon Talent’s second anniversary. Two yeard ago, I successfully transitioned from high intense TV talk show production to entrepreneurship. July is not only by birthday month, but signifies personal freedom and independence.  After long months of planning and development, my secret dream was FINALLY launched.


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Once armed with production teams and crews the size of armies, I helped launch a dozen TV shows and pilots. This time I was happily going solo and my gorgeous digital production went LIVE on Independence Day 2015.

My heart pounded as my web developer clicked on the link that took Swoon from concept to reality. The feeling was euphoric… a similar feeling I experienced many times in countless TV studios. Gulp! I officially became the owner of a boutique PR agency for on-air lifestyle experts and influencers…a site also for TV producers and brands looking for talent. 

The high-end lifestylers experts who joined Swoon Talent were and are fantastic. Food Network stars, competitive food champions, social media influencers and super talented pros in interior design, fashion, beauty, health + wellness,  frugal living and home entertaining gurus …. ALL with the potential to possibly be the next Martha Stewart or Goop’s Gwyneth Paltrow.


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What’s so crazy about my business venture is that I never thought I could be anything other than a television producer. I don’t know, I just always felt my TV shows and hosts defined who I was and without a show I was worthless. Maybe being in those cold TV studios all those years just numbed my brain


This says it all, “I built my dream and I will never look back.”

If you’re an on-camera lifestyle expert looking to maximize your exposure to the media-please send in your submission



TV producers, casting agents and brands….. we’ve got your next stars!





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