Wanna Be A Host On A Home Shopping Network? Part 2

Beauty style expert Nicollete Brycki on set at QVC

My most successful Swoon Talent blog is Wanna Be A Host On A Home Shopping Network? Part 1 

I wrote it about the grand dame of QVC, Host Kathy Levine in 2015. Kathy was one of the first on-air talents at the network. She started in 1986 and left the QVC 14 years later. Her enormous popularity and valuable, candid advice is proof that landing a gig on QVC is a dream job for so many lifestyle experts and TV hosts.




Introducing QVC Guest Host Nicolette Brycki

Acing an on-camera gig with QVC is very competitive. If you’re talented and lucky enough to land this coveted spot, that’s certainly something to be extremely proud of. Not everyone is cut out for this genre of television.

So, when the gorgeous Nicolette Brycki  recently became one of my broadcast lifestyle clients, I knew you’d all be ready for part two of Wanna Be A Host On a Home Shopping Network. Nicolette is a seasoned TV beauty expert, host, professional makeup artist, business owner and busy Mom. Nicolette also adds a new spin to my blog, that of a QVC Guest Host. @iamnicoletteb

Guest Hosts get to join the likes of QVC veterans Shawn Killinger, Mary Beth Roe, Jane Treacy, David Venable, Jill Bauer and Alberti Popaj. They’re the spokespeople for all those fabulous brands and together with QVC’s star talent, assist in selling, selling and more selling.

Nicolette has been with QVC since 2014 and has appeared on over three hundred shows. She’s sold everything from makeup mirrors to sneakers.


Nicolette Brycki, On-Camera Lifestyle & Beauty Expert, QVC Brand Host - Swoon Talent


My Conversation with Nicolette Brycki


What do you think are the key qualities to making the QVC cut?


Personality: Everyone likes a great personality. Because working at QVC is so much about working with people, you want to make sure you display an authentic, wonderful, charming self on TV.

Conversational Skills: Being successful on QVC is very much about engaging conversation and being relatable. Because you’re essentially selling a product through conversation, you need to be a good conversationalist who’s inviting, informative, and entertaining. You also need to have thorough knowledge of your product and hit your points, all while connecting with the customer and doing so in the short time you’re given.



What are your five tips to selling on TV?


  1. Get comfortable with the camera. Remember, there’s a real person on the other side wanting to hear what you have to say. Be natural and conversational!
  2. Have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself, chances are you’re enjoyable to watch.
  3. Tell an honest story and weave accurate product details into a story as if you’re sharing with a friend or neighbor.
  4. Relax. This is so important. The more relaxed you are, the less you’ll focus on things that don’t matter.
  5. Know your product. Review it in depth so it’s fresh in your mind when you go on-air.



What’s involved in getting camera ready for a live show?


Getting camera-ready means something different to every on-air guest. You have to do what makes you feel the most confident. In my case, getting camera ready comes well before the actual airing. This means my hands, nails, hair, skin, and teeth have to be in great condition. Regular personal care is key.

Daily beauty maintenance is also key. For me this means sticking to a fitness routine, getting enough sleep, maintaining healthy skin care dietary habits, and updating my wardrobe piece by piece with clothing and accessories that work well on television.

On the day I’m going live, I arrive about two hours before air and go into hair and makeup. In my experience, on-air spokespeople usually select their own wardrobe and coordinate their selections to the brand or product they’re selling, as well as the season, and sometimes even coordinating with the main host. I take into account what the host is wearing so I can complement with my own wardrobe. I also take into account the product and the product colors. For example, if I’m selling a red mirror I won’t wear a red dress. I bring several wardrobe options with me to make sure I am covered.

Before my show, I meet with the host and producers to run through the sell and product details. This is done to make the execution of the sell as smooth as possible. I only have 7-8 minutes to sell a product. It goes fast!


On-camera beauty expert Nicolette Brycki


How much impact does the Guest Host have on product sales?


It’s a mix. The chemistry between the main host and brand host is really important, as is a great presentation of the product. It’s also important to bring out the most key selling points in a way that customers can easily understand.


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