Los Angeles influencer, pop culture commentator and on-camera social media expert Sarah Merrill is the brains and beauty behind the popular Instagram handle @BigKidProblems.

From dating, love, marriage, breakups, health, getting through the holidays, living on a tight budget or surviving a soul crushing 8 hour job, Sarah is there every step of the way for her 304,000 followers. Fans relate to Sarah’s original posts as she honestly and candidly exposes her own personal and funny struggles of a young woman living in Manhattan who still wants to be a little kid. Her underlying message is always, “Failing and trying again is what makes life more fun, more fulfilling and often more hilarious”. She calls herself  “A New York City girl still learning to be an adult”.


So how did this lucrative venture of Sarah’s develop? @Bigkidproblems started as an anonymous Twitter account from the basement of  Sarah’s sorority house in her senior year of college. Applying for jobs and realizing she had zero preparation for adult life, BKP became an outlet and one of her favorite hobbies. Five years and over 300,000 followers later, BKP has been with Sarah through every step of her 20-something life, bad roommates, tiny paychecks, and the horrors of dating.

Sarah is the “it” media expert when it comes to growing and monetizing your social media so you can quit your 9-5 responsibility. She’s appeared THREE times on the multi-Emmy Award winning Steve Harvey Show talking social media 101 and teaching Steve the latest and hottest social media apps. Sarah is also the go-to influencer and has been featured as a millennial thought leader on the following major media outlets:

Fox News Radio, Forbes, Chicago Woman MagazineSan Francisco Chronicle, Hitched Magazine,,,,,,, and

Sarah has also partnered with tops brands, TV networks and motion picture companies to help promote and expand their social reach, including Sony Pictures and Universal Pictures.

Sarah’s brand has expanded to include the merchandising of mugs, totes, engagement pouches and puzzles with clever and comical hashtags and quotes.

@BigKidProblems Audience Demographics:

GENDER: Female 79%    Male  21%

AGE: 25-34  58%     18-25  24%     35-44 11%