Priyanka Naik

Indian vegan chef, social media & TV personality, cookbook author. Today show guest.

Indian cook making global vegan meals

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Priyanka in India

In India with her family

Indian Vegan Chef Priyanka Naik

spicy egg battered toast with fresh eggs, chilies, onions & stuffed with gooey cheese and cooked on a griddle until crisp.Follow on Instagram @chefpriyanka for recipe

Bangkok inspired vegan, protein packed street noodles. Follow on Instagram @chefpriyanka for recipe

Indian Vegan Chef Priyanka Naik

Dark Chocolate Rose Tart with Cardamom & Sea Salt

Indian Vegan Chef Priyanka Naik

Creamy & vegan chickpea marsala with basmati rice

A California Pizza Kitchen remake of their Thai Crunch Salad: Priyanka's is no-cook & vegan

Priyanka Naik


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Meet Priyanka Naik

Food influencer Priyanka Naik is an Indian Vegan Cook, author of Simon & Schuster’s The Modern Tiffin, winner of Food Network’s Cooks vs Cons, Quibi Dishmantled winner, and a Today show featured chef. A natural in front of the camera, this high-energy 32 year-old has grown into being a marquis talent and hosts Dish it Healthy with Priyanka Naik, a Tastemade original clean eating food show on the Food Network Kitchen App.

An avid traveler who’s been to nearly forty countries, her globally inspired original recipes has been featured on her blog Chef Priyanka, IGTV and are incorporated into her regular speaking appearances. Her strong profile on Instagram  has drawn attention from Today show, Bon Appetit, Forbes, Well + Good, CNN  GQ. 

Priyanka is first generation Indian and was raised in Staten Island, New York. Her mom and dad, married 42 years, immigrated to New York in the late 70’s. Her parents took strong measures to ensure that the Naik daughters never lost touch of their Indian heritage. The girls even learned Kannada, a South Indian language from the State of Karnataka, India before learning English. She attributes her devotion to her Indian roots and passion for Indian food to her loving and supportive parents.


When she first moved to New York City, Priyanka remembers going out to eat only to find that her menu options for vegetarians were boring salads and side dishes. It occurred to her that perhaps the Western world was not privy to all the amazing and delicious meals that can be made with vegetables. So, Priyanka started her blog in an effort to share spectacular veggie driven recipes.

When Priyanka isn’t producing food content on her social platforms, she works for Twitter as the US Partnerships Lead based out of Manhattan. Even though her professional life is almost completely unrelated to cooking, this foodie has found a way to connect the two. While leading the data science team at Bloomberg she created the Bloomberg Pantry social account where she leveraged pantry items to create original dishes. Bloomberg Pantry was used for culture development and recruiting. She was also the first twitter employee to be a guest chef at the Twitter NYC HQ and the third Twitter employee to be a guest chef at Twitter San Francisco HQ serving over two thousand employees. Priyanka joined the ranks of many celebrity guest chefs at Twitter like TV star Nigella Lawson and James Beard Award Winner Virginia Willis.