Kim Paciotti

Kim Paciotti


The “puppy whisperer” Kim Paciotti is a television and YouTube Pet Expert from Charlotte, North Carolina. Specializing in Bernese Mountain dogs, Golden and Labrador Retrievers and Sheepadoodles, Kim has trained and transformed hundreds of pups into perfect lovable and obedient companions, service and therapy dogs.

Kim is a rock star in the puppy training arena and has been dubbed a “canine scientist” by the media. She and her team at Training Canines, LLC developed a system of training which is trademarked The Empowered Puppy Program. “Changing one puppy at a time”, the program uniquely and successfully trains the whole puppy emotionally, physically, and socially. She even claims to be the first trainer in the world to teach a puppy as young as seven weeks old how to actually READ flash cards as a way to learn the basics. It’s a big responsibility to own a dog. Read what Kim thinks are the eight things every pet owner needs to know. Insider


A former self-taught professional chef, Kim’s YouTube channel Empowered Pups is devoted to cooking healthy, disease fighting homemade meals for YOU and your pets to share – Turkey Burgers, Salmon Patties, Almond Pancakes and Carrot Cupcakes. Her cancer fighting Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole for pets was featured in Daily Buzz TV

The author of A Puppy’s Perspective: 101 Puppy Training Tips You Need to Know, Kim is also the co-host of Dog Life, a talk show about all things dogs on RCN-TV and airing in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and Boston. Program segments include: what to look for when you’re buying dog food, pet friendly places, trendy new pet products, cooking healthy for dogs, letting your dog sleep in your bed, puppy separation anxiety, pet fitness, dog training tips for all ages and even how to photograph your dog for social media.

Kim is certified through The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), is a professional member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and a graduate of Highland Canine Training. She continued her education at Animal Behavior College focusing on training rescue and shelter dogs. She’s also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and an approved evaluator for the National Therapy Dog Registry.