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Erin Palinski-Wade is a Registered Dietician from New Jersey with Extensive Media Exposure. She specializes in feeding your family healthy meals

Erin Palinski Wade has extensive media experience & has been quoted in hundreds of health & wellness publication. Donna Benner Media Rep

Registered Dietician Erin Palinski Wade & Sons

Swoon Talent's Erin Palinsku-Wade's Easy to Make Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Erin Palinski-Wade's Healthy Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Swoon Talent Erin Palinski-Wade's Low Calorie Summer Salad

Lose Weight by Eating Healthy with Erin Palinski Wade

Smoothie Packed with Nutrients by Erin Palinski-Wade of Soon Talent

Lose Belly Fat with Erin Palinski-Wade's Anti-Inflammatory Strawberry Smoothie

healthy chocolate chip recipe developed by registered dietician Erin Palinski Wade - Swoon Talent

healthy kid recipe developed by registered dietician Erin Palinski Wade - Swoon Talent

healthy kid recipe developed by registered dietician Erin Palinski Wade - Swoon Talent

Registered dietitian Erin Palinski Wade's healthy alternative to French fries - baked zucchini fries



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Erin Palinski-Wade is from New Jersey and is a nationally known registered dietitian, nutritionist, diabetes and fitness expert and creator of the blog “Healthy Mom, Happy Family”. A mom of three young children, Erin knows first-hand how difficult it is for busy and stressed out women raising children to prioritize their own health and take good care of themselves. Erin’s mantra, “If moms aren’t healthy, then no one in the family is healthy”.

Erin teaches and motivates moms across the country how to carve out time for themselves and streamline their lives. This means eating healthier, exercising at home, managing cravings, losing weight, sleeping better and taking the stress out of preparing meals for picky little eaters.


Her healthy recipes on Instagram are extremely popular with thousands of other busy moms. Some favorites are Low Carb Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies, Tomato Lady Bugs, Ninja Turtle Green Muffins and High Protein Cake Pops are some favorites.

Super high energy and a producer’s dream, Erin has appeared on Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Designing Spaces on Lifetime, MSNBC, CBS This Morning, QVC, ABC News (New York, Los Angeles, HoustonBoston affiliates) Good Day Philadelphia and Fox5 NY.

One of the most sought-after dietitians and nutritionists in the country, Erin was interviewed and quoted over two 1000 times including being a regular contributor to US News & World Reports, USA TODAY, Parade, Time Magazine,, Washington Post, Food,,, and Readers Digest Magazine. Erin was recognized as 20 Best Health and Fitness Influencers of 2018 and was selected to present her first TED talk in March 2020 on the link between perfectionism and obesity. Ted Talk Events


Erin has written four books; 2 Day Diabetes DietBelly Fat Diet for Dummies, Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies and Walking the Weight Off for Dummies. She also co-authored two guides with the editors of Prevention and Runners World Magazines entitled Love Your Age and Run for Abs.

Erin’s videos on her YouTube channel Healthy Mom Happy Family gets tens of thousands of views. Her most popular video is Snacktivity Time with over 273,000 views!

As a dietitian with extensive media experience, Erin is a favorite with food companies, corporations and PR firms because of her strength in communicating key brand messages. Erin has worked with Babybel Cheese, Stop & Shop, Sunsweet Growers, Hass Avocado, American Egg Board, Orgain, and RightRice.

Erin runs a thriving private practice called the Vernon Nutrition Center which is located in Sussex and Bergen Counties in New Jersey.