On-Camera Relationship Theapist

Margena Carter is a 34 yr old licensed marriage & family therapist in private practice in Los Angeles. Has TV experience.

On-Camera Relationship Therapist

Margena Carter is a 34 yr old licensed marriage & family therapist in private practice in Los Angeles. Has TV experience.

Margena Carter, LMFT


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Meet Margena Carter, LMFT

Margena Carter, a licensed marriage, family and relationship psychotherapist therapist in Los Angeles is a fresh face in daytime and non-scripted television. She appears often on local talk and news programs in California and is the resident on-air expert for TV One’s long-running crime series Fatal Attraction.

Margena found her calling as a teen and was the rock of the family when drugs and suicide hit home. But it wasn’t just keeping her family strong and unified during tough times, she became the go-to-girl for her friends and neighbors who needed compassionate and non-judgmental advice on relationships and dating.

Her innate empathy and dream to make a difference lead Margena to a thriving career in the field of mental health. The coronavirus pandemic has shifted her focus to helping her patients with depression, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, job insecurity, fears about racial injustice and the loss of loved ones from Covid-19.


Modern love and coupling are very complicated and Margena identifies and treats the serious underlying mental problems that block healthy relationships. As a result, she gets to the core of the problem and works with patients suffering from codependency, low self-esteem, depression, sexual dysfunction, trauma, anger, personality disorders and addiction. She also counsels couples who want to restore their relationships rather than break-up or divorce.


Thirty-four-years old and happily single, Margena is enjoying her independence as a confirmed bachelorette. Dating isn’t at the top of her list and instead finds complete satisfaction with her group of wonderful girlfriends whom she’s known for twenty years. Also, near and dear to Margena is being involved with the LGBTQ community in its quest for equality.

Margena has contributed to a variety of digital publications by weighing in on relevant mental health issues. Here are just a few:  Allure, Glam,  Wellandgood,  Bestlifeonline

Margena Carter received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University and her Master’s in clinical psychology from Antioch University. She’s the founder of The Carter Care Therapeutic Services located in Manhattan Beach, California where she counsels her private patients.