Manny Washington

Manny Washington is the firehouse chef for the Orlando Fire Department

Manny Washington is the firehouse chef for the Orlando Fire Department

Chef Manny Washington focuses on creating the most delicious dishes in his firehouse kitchen

Chef Manny Washington pictured with his firehouse chief in Orlando, FL

Manny Washington's firehouse cookbook with tons of hot and spicy recipes

Chef Manny Washington with cast of Food Network Stars Bobby Flay & Giada de Laurentiis

Chef Manny Washington with cast of Food Network Stars Bobby Flay & Giada de Laurentiis

Chef Manny Washington's Firehouse Bacon Jam Burger

Firehouse Bacon Jam Burger

Chef Manny Washington's Firehouse Mac n Cheese

Firehouse Mac n Cheese

Chef Manny Washington's Strawberry French Toast

Firehouse French Toast

Chef Manny Washington's signature bread pudding

Firehouse Bread Pudding

Chef Manny Washington's Firehouse Steak Chimichurri

Firehouse Steak Chimichurri

Chef Manny Washington's recipe for bacon wrapped asparagus

firehouse Bacon Asparagus

Cheesecake by Firehouse Chef Manny Washington

Firehouse Cheese Cake

Manny learned his love of cooking from his family and loves spending time with them in the kitchen



Meet Manny Washington

TV Chef Manny Washington is the firehouse cook and District Chief for the City of Orlando Fire Department. He’s responsible for feeding twenty-one hungry men and women of Fire Station 1. His original recipes like This Ain’t Your Mama’s Meatloaf, Firehouse Burger with Bacon Jam Burger, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, First Alarm Mac N’ Cheese Egg Rolls and Grandma’s Guava Bread Pudding with Marshmallow Vanilla Cream Sauce have become so popular that Manny is often asked to hit the road and cook for other fire stations across the country.


His high energy and big personality landed him on several reality cooking competition shows, Gordan Ramsay’s Masterchef (season 7) on Fox and Food Network Star (season 14).

But it was a special firefighters’ episode of Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network which crowned Manny firefighter champion, awarding him a $25,000 prize.


As a young chef in training, Manny Washington Jr. was exposed to many cuisines, including Caribbean, Cuban and Haitian. All with a strong emphasis on barbecue. His father, a firehouse chef for twenty-six years, along with his mother and grandmother, all taught him how to cook. The family kitchen was the hub of their home and Manny remembers being awakened by the amazing aromas of down home cooked meals. As Manny got older, he was responsible for the holiday desserts. This is when he learned how to make his grandmother Georgia Bell’s famous bread pudding, which he took to the Food Network for celebrity Chefs Bobby Flay and Alex Guarnaschelli to taste test.

Cooking for Manny is a way to unwind from all the heartbreak that goes with working at a fire station. The kitchen has become his sanctuary, and along with some good tunes, has become a creative therapeutic outlet for him. As Manny breaks bread with his firehouse family, he knows his delicious meals brings happiness to the firefighters and volunteers at Fire Station 1.


Many Washington recently released his new cookbook on his thirty-fourth birthday called Put Some Flames on ‘Em. The book is filled with easy to make recipes straight from his firehouse and family kitchens.