Jamie Hess

Jamie Hess is a QVC host, TV fitness personality, and wellness expert

Jamie Hess of @nycfitfam & QVC host

Jamie Hess is a fitness and wellness expert with years of TV experience and training

Swoon Talent Fitness Expert Jamie Hess of @NYCFITFAM

Swoon Talent - Fitness Expert Jamie Hess of @NYCFITFAM

Jamie Hess and her young kids love spending time outside.

Jamie Hess and her young kids love spending time outside.

TV Fitness Expert Jamie Hess of @nycfitfam with husband & sons

TV Fitness Expert Jamie Hess of @nycfitfam with husband & sons


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Meet Jamie Hess

Jamie Hess is a wellness coach empowering women to achieve their weight loss goal through her program The Big Ask. She’s also the co-creator of the popular health, wellness, beauty and mommyhood Instagram feed @nycfitfam. Together with her husband George, the two share fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and conscious parenting tips. This husband and wife fitness duo with careers in music marketing and lifestyle PR were chosen by WomensHealth.com as one of the 7 Fittest Couples on Instagram

But Jamie didn’t always feel super fit and had a poor body image as a young woman. She struggled with an extra ten pounds, was a yo-yo dieter and had eating disorders. This would all change after a blind date with a guy named George, twenty years her senior. The two were not only committed to each other, but also to being the best and healthiest versions of themselves. Today, after dropping weight and not having one ounce of body fat, they’ve become an inspo to tens of thousands of busy couples and parents.

Jamie and George’s love story made Page Six of The New York Post  when George proposed to Jamie on the treadmill at a New York City gym. This put Jamie and George into the NYC spotlight as a sexy fit couple and more press came their way. The two began documenting and sharing their wedding engagement, marriage, Jamie’s pregnancies (she’s expecting baby #2) and healthy living journey with the world via social media. Health.com: How My Husband and I Stay Insanely Fit While Raising a Toddler and NBC.com: How One Couple Lost Weight by Redefining Date Night


As the Hess’ social grew into 360-wellness feed, Jamie started working on-camera as a fitness and wellness expert. Not surprising, since she’s the daughter of iconic award-winning journalist, author of eight books and former Good Morning America co-host, Joan Lunden. Joan has become part of the NYCFitFam and since her public battle with breast cancer, Jamie has been by her side keeping her on point when it comes to eating right and exercising.

With the success of the Hess’ fitness brand, the two have collaborated with many big companies including Neutrogena, Ragu Simply Sauces, Pure Protein Bars, Poland Spring Water, ONE Protein Bars, Kellogg’s, Zappos, Dreft Baby Detergent, One A Day Vitamins, Waterpik and Tranquility Blankets.

Jamie has represented countless brands for integrated segments on talk shows and appeared multiple times for editorial lifestyle segments on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America and Today show. She also hosts the popular Off the Gram Podcast with her powerhouse cohosts Meaghan and Heidi.The women have recently partnered with Dr. Oz for his new video platform OzTube. Off the Gram is an inspirational podcast that helps women live their best lives and was recognized by Good Housekeeping as one of The 45 Best Podcasts to Listen to in 2021.

After the birth of their second son Asher, Jamie and her husband wrote the e-cookbook Oh Baby! Foods that Nourish Your Heart and Soul While Bolstering a Healthy Pregnancy. All the original recipes were created so prego mamas could eat healthy, morning sickness and all.

Jamie has uprooted her family from NYC to suburban Pennsylvania during the pandemic. This also allows her to be closer to QVC where she’s been an on-air personality for the Q’s popular athleisure brand Zuda since 2019.