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Meet Dr. Cedrek McFadden

Dr. Cedrek McFadden is a black health advocate and a popular TV medical contributor appearing regularly on the CBS affiliate in South Carolina. A board-certified general and colorectal surgeon and Vice Chair of Operations in the Department of Surgery with Prisma Health, he passionately weighs in on a wide range of health topics for the station.


Educating the public and helping viewers navigate their lives during the pandemic has been a hot subject for Dr. McFadden. His broadcast commentary covers vaccines, variants, masking, reinfections, antibodies and coping with loss and isolation.

He also appeared on MSNBC, several Fox and NBC affiliates and was quoted in countless digital publications such as Dr. Oz The Good Life, Essence Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Shape, foxnews.com and BlackDoctor.org.

In his medical life, Dr. McFadden regularly performs colonoscopies, minimally invasive and robotic surgery. For Colorectal Awareness Month March 2021,Cedrek is slated to appear on the Today show to help raise awareness about colorectal cancer and how it’s affecting communities of color, especially black men.

Cedrek’s decision to become a doctor had everything to do with his grandmother. He saw her suffer from many chronic illnesses and wanted to learn the “whys” of her health problems. He wrote about his decision to chose medicine in his blog Silent Lessons of My Grandmother.


Getting a medical degree was a dream come true for this young med student who was just one of three black men in his graduating class of 217 from Temple University School of Medicine.To this day he uses his role as a black doctor to address and tackle societal challenges such as racism that affects health.


A first generation doctor, his medical training includes a residency in General Surgery from the Greenville Health System and University of South Carolina Greenville, and a fellowship in Colon and Rectal Surgery from the Georgia Colon and Rectal Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. McFadden is member of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery and American College of Surgery. He’s also a Liberty Fellow and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network and lectures to hospitals, civic organizations, churches, and community groups.

In addition to a successful career in medicine and his work on television, Dr. McFadden is one of the worship leaders in his church and a choir soloist. He has a lifelong love of music and regularly uses his voice as an additional vehicle to offer inspiration to others.