Jenn Mapp Bressan

Jenn Mapp Bressan


Jenn Mapp Bressan is a personal stylist and “capsule wardrobe” coach from Virginia. Successful at riding the life changing home organization craze, Jenn transforms chaotic and messy closets. Her style and closet makeover service is called Tiny Closet Tons of Style and was recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the best services to “Magically Tidy Up” your home. View Here

The philosophy behind Tiny Closets Tons of Style is all about spending less and wearing what you have. This business model was born as a result of Jenn’s personal story. A former self-proclaimed shopaholic, there was a time when she spent several thousand dollars a month on clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. She confesses to being held captive by her shopping addiction and collecting so much stuff that her enormous wardrobe spanned FOUR dress sizes and filled THREE closets.


This mom of two was even hiding purchases from her husband. Jenn’s shopping habit became a source of  anxiety and was interfering in her family life. That’s when she had an epiphany, “the things she owned actually owned her”. Jenn ruthlessly ripped through her overstuffed closets and began getting rid of hundreds of garments. She gifted, donated and consigned items that were too big, too small, never worn and even had price tags still attached. After the big closet purge, Jenn’s minimalist wardrobe finally fit neatly and orderly into ONE tiny closet. To this day it contains just thirty-five to forty core garments for each season. Jenn is now able to create hundreds of outfits out of these core pieces. This past year she’s happy to report that she didn’t spend a dime on clothes.

Jenn calls her editing technique “trimming the closet fat”. ‘Fat” being clothing for example that don’t fit, are from a different lifestyle, are impulse purchases or never worn. By doing a deep closet cleanse, Jenn’s simple five-step system helps women find an unlimited number of fabulous outfits from the clothes they ALREADY own.

Jenn has experience on LIVE television and has appeared on Fox Good Day Philadelphia and Good Morning Washington – WJLA/ABC7. She’s also The author of an Amazon’s bestseller, Clothes the Deal: The Guide for Transformative Personal Style.


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