Talent Reel Production


 IMG_3752FullSizeRenderA solid talent reel is essential to your career.  Everyone who wants to be on TV needs one that tells a story in a strong, fast, entertaining  and creative fashion which best sells you and your craft. This is your video resume and this reel matters tremendously in getting you booked. It can be a deal breaker! Or a deal maker!


Throughout my career as an executive producer, and especially now heading Swoon Talent, I’ve seen some doozies…. too many talent reel disasters to count.

As your producer I can create or makeover your talent reel that will help you look like a star.




Your personality reel is your ticket to packaging your brand effectively.

Prices start at $1500 depending on the complexity of your project and video shoot integration. If you would like to hire me to produce your reel please contact me.  




Jonathan Mills


Swoon Talent’s Cinamatographer & Video Editor

Examples of Our Produced Reels

Lauren Greutman

Monica Hart

Antigoni Sander

Cindy Livesey

Eric Himel

Donna Emy Blog

Value of Well Produced Video

Value of Well Produced Talent Reel0%
Key to Discovery By Media0%
Slick Packaging of Your Talent0%
Increases Odds of Top Bookings0%

Production Quality

Editors and Videographers0%
Music, Graphics, Clip and Photo Selections0%
Reliability And Fast Video Delivery0%

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