74 Times on the Today Show – Our Swoon Lifestylers Who Hit the NBC Jackpot!

Most national talk shows from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles are currently on hiatus. They recently wrapped up production, a well-deserved time off for staffers and will return end of summer for another grueling schedule of tapings. I’ve been there as a national talk show producer and would count down the weeks for a nice long breather. I can tell you that pregnancies are even planned around hiatus time!

The Today show never shuts down. It’s full speed ahead for them 365 days a year. Great for guests who want to get on the show, but I get nightmares just thinking about that schedule and how hard their dedicated and talented producers work.

I bring up Today because every single on-air lifestyle talent on Swoontalent.com wants to get booked on that show. It’s a career game-changer for sure, but it’s tough to lock in and get invited to appear. I compare it to hitting the talk show lottery.

Swoon Talent has several lucky lifestyle experts who’ve landed bookings on Today. Some have done it themselves because they know someone on the show, are relentless with solid email pitches or have hired me for that extra industry insider push.

So, I’m proud to share with you some of our Swoon Talent who’ve made it to the the Today show. The 4th hour hosted by Kathie Lee & Hoda is the perfect fit for lifestyle gurus.


Swoon’s Today Show Favorites



Jene Luciani – 61 times




Lauren Greutman – 3 times



Dr. Annie Negrin – 2 times


Annie blog

Leticia Moreinos Schwartz – 2 times


FullSizeRender 7


Joey Thurman – 6 times


Joe Kick Slider   FullSizeRender 10


If you’re a talented lifestyle expert and are fantastic on-camera…….

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