Bonni McCliss

Psychic Medium

Bonni McCliss is a professional clairvoyant, psychic medium and author of The Other Side of Normal: A Survival Guide for Living in the Intuitive Age (5– star review on Amazon).  In the forward of Bonni’s book a devoted client and grieving mother writes, “Bonni breaks the stereotypical mold of how most people in today’s society view psychic mediums.  Within minutes of being in her presence, it is obvious to all she touches that God chose her to deliver messages from the other side and she does so with compassion, warmth and love. Her words are props for fallen hearts that bring needed assurance that our departed loved ones are never far away and are at peace.”

Bonni’s outgoing personality and supernatural abilities have earned her recognition around the world. Because she can see the past, present and into the future she uses her unique gift to help police solve murders and missing children cases. She even does a bit of ghost hunting in private homes and famous historically significant properties.

In addition to law enforcement, her clientele includes many Rock and Country music stars, as well as everyday people looking for answers to the missing pieces in their lives.

Bonnie believes that getting in touch with the paranormal can also help cure anxiety, depression and many stress related disorders.

She knew she was clairvoyant at the age of 4 and growing up with this “gift” was both a blessing and a curse. Bonnie was misunderstood and it wasn’t until she was a young adult that a therapist diagnosed her as a natural born psychic.

This pretty young mom, wife and modern day psychic is most definitely intriguing material for Hollywood. She lives in the small town of Charlotte, Tennessee with a population of just 1,511. Her husband Jeff of 18 years is a lieutenant with the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office and her two daughters and one son ages 11, 15 and 19 years old are all spiritually gifted. As for Bonni’s home? It may not look like the classic haunted house seen in movies, but it’s just as spooky. Bonnie says it’s inhabited by spirits.

Watch Bonni’s videotape to hear about her chilling childhood memories of being clairvoyant.