Topless Baker Matt Adlard


Meet Matt Adlard

Internationally known as the Topless Baker, twenty-seven year old Matt Adlard is an Internet British baking sensation. He has half a million fans on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Often going completely shirtless or just wearing his signature apron over jeans, Matt has proven that he’s more than a hot guy with a buffed bod. His decadent desserts and savory treats are showstoppers! Meringue Donuts (780,00 views), Coconut Bay Macaroons (560,00 views), Honeycomb Pie with a Match Stick French Fry Border (23,892 likes), a gorgeous bright Blue Ombre Birthday Cake (15,341 likes) and How to Decorate a Whole Wheat Honey Loaf video (9 million views).

YouTube Sensation, Topless Baker & Social Media Star

Going topless proved to be a branding success for Matt. His steamy YouTube tutorials shot in his kitchen have made Matt a video social media star. With 258,759 subscribers to his Topless Baker channel and over one hundred how-to videos, Matt has proven to be an amazingly talented baker as well as a top-tier on-camera personality.

Recently discovered by the Food Network, Matt is the host of FN’s digital and social media shows Made for Two with The Topless Baker. On the program Matt whips up romantic desserts for date night, like Chocolate Ganache Tarts with Meringue Kisses, Lollipop Love Hand Pie Bouquets and Strawberry and Cream Eclairs.

Hunky baker Matt Adlard has also been featured on,,,,, and

So how did Matt’s baking career begin? You could say it’s in his blood. His Dad was a Michelin star chef. But Matt didn’t take the family culinary career path. He went into advertising instead. Sick of the long hours and looking for a fun hobby, he found his calling in baking. Matt is one hundred percent self-taught and learned how to bake and cook through trial and error by watching YouTube cooking videos. Teaching, inspiring and making mistakes along the way in his now infamous viral videos… and of course doing it while shirtless, has proven to be a lucrative career for this confectionary sex symbol.

And in case you’re wondering, the Topless Baker is NOT single. He lives with his beautiful girlfriend Sacha and his one-year old adorable Cocker Spaniel named Cookie.