Ashley Mengwasser


Atlanta’s 30 year old Ashley Mengwasser is a six-time Emmy award winning TV, lifestyle and travel host, writer, and producer. She’s best known as the fearless, quirky, daredevil co-host of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s popular series Georgia Traveler. For travel junkies of all persuasions, Ashley has attempted a range of thrill-seeking delights. Her more than thirty credits include skydiving with her grandmother, hang gliding, caving, roller derby, ballroom dancing, voice lessons with Celtic Woman virtuoso Lisa Kelly, boxing with Olympian Zahir Raheem, and being transformed into a gory zombie. So what’s on Ashley’s bucket list of things she dying to do on TV?  Whale spotting, jumping off a waterfall, spending a night alone in the desert and dancing the Argentine tango on the streets of Argentina.

Ashley is the co-host of the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize and ACC InVenture Prize, two live collegiate invention competitions broadcast in the Southeastern U.S. and along the Atlantic Coast. Both shows feature the innovative feats of college engineers and entrepreneurs. They’ve been affectionately become known as “American Idol for nerds.”

How’s this for beating out the competition? Out of 10,000 QVC host hopefuls nationwide, Ashley made it to the final 19.

Behind the camera, Ashley continues to refine her craft as a documentarian, writing and producing thought-provoking educational content. From 2015-2016, she served as Writer, Co-Director and Co-Executive Producer of the hour-long cultural documentary Chinese Tea: Elixir of the Orient. Ashley won her first solo Emmy for the project in the writing category. Additionally, through her lifestyle blog Laughter’s What We’re After, Ashley shares personal stories, tips and to-dos for ultimate health and happiness.

A Buford, GA, native, Ashley acquired her passion for people and communicating their stories during undergraduate study at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta. She went on to graduate Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from Agnes Scott in 2009, where she holds a B.A. in English Literature.