How To Look Like A Lifestyle Star…. Lights! Camera! Action!

How to Look Like a Lifestyle Star! Swoon Talent Blog. Photography tips with Child Care Expert Jada Rashawn

Lifestyle TV Stars! If you want to be one you have to look the part and it starts with a fierce photo. I’m a three-time Emmy Award Winning National Talk Show Producer and owner of Swoon Talent, an East Coast business that specializes in promoting on-air Lifestyle Experts. In order to catch the attention of  TV producers, bookers, editors and brands, quality on-air clips of my client’s work are very important to my business. Second to that are relevant, cool and beautiful personality photos. Good-bye boring and standard headshots! Many lifestyle pros that come my way don’t know where to begin or how to communicate the look I feel are important in photographs that make them look like polished stars.

I see hundreds of standard headshots a year and getting them “right” is a problem. However, recently I received a very special talent submission. It was from an adorable, 26 year old Professional Nanny and TV Childcare Expert who nailed it. She captured my attention the moment I saw her photos. It wasn’t just one fantastic shot, but close to a dozen. What a star-studded first impression! Her name is Jada Rashawn. Jada has appeared over thirty times on SA Live on KSAT/ABC12 in San Antonio, Texas. She’s the total package! Great on-camera, great experience in her field and gorgeous pictures of herself defining her brand and lifestyle specialty.

In my attempt to solve a problem so many lifestyle experts have in that picture taking arena, I asked Jada to tell me who her photographer was. People always ask me for  recommendations. Her answer, “ME”. Wow, wasn’t expecting that.  And so I knew I had to share with you some of Jada’s tips so you can save money, time and most importantly…get gorgeous results. 

Jada’s first step was to learn how to photograph herself. Her favorite for techie tips is YouTube’s Tech Talk with Shamless Maya. After being schooled on the internet and armed with the right tools, Jada was ready to go and clearly produce some beautiful results. Here are Jada’s tips to photographing yourself perfectly – and of course in the Swoon Talent style that wins me over, as well as others in the media.


Here Are Some Photo Perfect Shots Jada Took Of Herself….





Why Jada Went Photog DIY….

I hate depending on others to get a job done for me. I’m also super impatient when it comes to my photos. I want them immediately and most photographers require several days or even weeks to get edited photos back. As a business owner, on-air expert and aspiring blogger, having tons of photos to post on my website and social media platforms are imperative. Plus, I feel professional photographers are very expensive and out of my budget. So, I decided to invest in my own equipment. You’ll find you don’t need much when you have the right camera, a remote, and a tripod by your side.

The Four Essential Pieces of Equipment Jada Recommends ….

The Sony Alpha a5000 E-mount Camera with APS-C Sensor. It’s compact with an interchangeable lens and captures different looks because it’s closer to the human eye.

                                              1.  Sony Alpha a5000 E-mount Camera with APS-C Sensor



2. Sony wireless remote     3. Portrait Umbrella Lights by LimoStudio            4. Oben Aluminum Tripod

   When shooting alone                                      Great for cloudy or rainy days                                            When people aren’t there to photograph you


Jada’s Best Photog Locations….

  • Parks
  • Coffee Shops
  • Outdoor Cafes


 Four Wardrobe Tips….

  • Don’t let your outfit outshine or overpower you
  • Don’t wear wear baggy clothes
  • Don’t wear trendy clothes or jewelry that will outdate the photo
  • DO wear outfits will multiple layers so you can get several looks for several different photos in one day


Jada’s  Favorite Camera-Ready Makeup Must Haves….


       Settinng Powder-Ben Nye Neutral                  False Eyelashes – Ardell Demi Wispies           Concealer- Fit Me by Maybelline                 Foundation by Fenty Beauty


Jada’s Final Piece Of Advice….

“You CANNOT care what others think when you’re out there snapping away.  You might feel awkward taking photos of yourself in public, but if you want to get good usable photos you simply can’t worry that others are watching you.”


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