Swoon Talent is a platform and personal service that helps maximize your national exposure, fine-tune your brand, nurture your talents, and get you noticed by TV producers, production companies, brands and editors of print publications looking for talent. 


We specialize in lifestyle experts, hosts, correspondents, vloggers, bloggers, authors and influencers who want a fresh and affordable approach to representation. gets 15,000 views per month. This translates into 10,000 MORE people looking at you for on-camera opportunities.


Success with us is determined by your passion, performance, creativity, strength of your videos, visuals of your craft, the look of your professional personality pictures and your active presence on social media. It’s vital that we are productive partners in this quest for fame and fortune.



  • We do not operate like mainstream agents and managers who typically have no background producing television
  • We do not operate on a 15% only commission because television notoriously does not pay for appearances
  • Swoon instead is a new spin in lifestyle talent promotion
  • We value our 24/7 relationships with our clients. You will not get lost in an oversaturated sea of lifestyle talent

We require a very affordable annual retainer which will be discussed if we’re interested in taking you on as a client.


Swoon’s Affordable Annual Retainer Includes:





  1. We will pitch you to appropriate on-camera/brand paying  opportunities

  2. Field and negotiate press and branding inquiries directed to your website or email

  3. We will work with your personal strengths to transform you into an on-air talent that is engaging and captivating to tv bookers, brands, producers and their audiences

  4. On-camera performance evaluation

  5. Talent reel production critique

  6. Advice and tips on taking effective and beautiful headshots that will enhance your image and brand

  7. We will jump-start, refresh or resurrect your career

  8. Prepare you for tv appearances with light coaching

  9. Get you Skype interview ready



Placement On Swoon’s Website


  1. Presence on our high traffic website visited by media outlets from NY to LA looking for lifestyle experts (10k To 15 K views per month)

  2. A custom designed electronic press kit that can be used on your site. There are specific key elements that we believe will help you get noticed by industry heavy-hitters. This includes headshots, videos of your performances, a bio rewrite and visual examples of your craft. All elements will be uploaded by our in-house IT creative staff.



Social Media Exposure


  1. Individual and client group posts on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram to help increase your followers (no additional costs for boosts or ads)

  2. Mass promotion to media outlets on all social media platforms as part of Swoon’s promotional campaign



We also provide additional services :

         * Fees presented during phone consultation



Individual Public Relations Services


We take you under our wings to enhance, reshape and fine-tune your image, performance and exposure. Membership fee is waived. Includes three pitches to various media outlets each month, plus follow-ups.



One-On-One Pitching


One pitch per national show.  This includes topic brainstorming sessions, media hooks and working with producers and editors once bookings are locked in.



TV/Video Performance /Career Coaching & Advice


Our Secret Ingredient! On-camera performance coaching (in-person or virtual) to help sharpen and enhance your performance to make you more exciting and seasoned as either a host, guest or correspondent. Plus personal career advice



Talent Reel Production


Click this link for details Talent Reel Production (Fees based on the scope of your project)



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