Lauer & Povich’s Former Producer Builds Dream Lifestyle Talent PR Company

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Today is a very BIG deal for me because it’s Swoon Talent’s FIRST anniversary. One year ago, I successfully transitioned from high intense TV talk show production to entrepreneurship. There’s no doubt that this 4th of July marks a milestone in my career and is the holiday which exemplifies personal freedom and independence for me. After intense planning and development, it was on this day my dream was FINALLY launched.


I had won enough Emmys to fill my mantel, had produced thousands of hours of Talk TV that was making my head spin… not to mention working under a local news director who was the final straw. She was a HORROR show. *Behind the scenes tip…. news directors should never oversee talk shows – just two different worlds. Frankly, after more than 25 years in the industry, I was sick and tired of making millions for others. Of course, there were a few naysayers who thought Swoon Talent would never get off the ground. This just fueled my craziness for success as I was obsessed with proving them wrong.

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Once armed with production teams and crews the size of armies, I helped launch a dozen TV shows and pilots. This time I was happily going solo and my gorgeous digital production went LIVE on Independence Day 2015.

My heart pounded as my web developer clicked on the link that took Swoon from concept to reality. The feeling was euphoric… a similar feeling I experienced many times when I was on set and one my new TV shows premiered live on the air. Gulp! I officially became the owner of a super unique online company catering exclusively to lifestyle experts who want to be on TV. A slam dunk for me!

The “lifestylers” who joined Swoon Talent were fantastic. Food Network stars, competitive food champions, social media influencers and super talented pros in interior design, fashion, beauty, health + wellness, love, frugal living and home entertaining gurus …. ALL with the potential to possibly be the next Martha Stewart or Goop’s Gwyneth Paltrow.


I was beyond excited about my roster of up-and-coming stars, established TV lifestyle gurus and some who just needed to reboot their careers.

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Swoon’s Lookbook of LifeStyle Experts


“I” soon became “we”. Swoon was taking off and I needed to hire a small staff of social media managers, a former Martha Stewart Show senior producer, a bio writer, a full-time web manager and two production assistants. Our mission was and still is to aggressively promote our lifestyle experts to the media through a cool and modern online platform. No one else seemed to be doing this sort of lifestyle PR – especially not a TV producer with my credentials and especially for a price everyone could afford.

I’ve booked thousands of guests over my long TV career who talked about everything and anything under the sun… from the taboo to the bizarre. Many were so outrageous that I’m embarrassed to disclose. And the hosts… some awful, some amazing, and some lucky ones destined for daytime stardom who I helped push to the top.

I was relieved when daytime lifestyle/celebrity/cooking shows became the rage thanks to Ellen Degeneres. These are the programs, hosts, guests and challenge contestants who turned me on the most. I guess it’s because I consider myself somewhat of a lifestyle pro as well! I’m not just a daytime TV producer banging out shows I have no interest in, but a lifestyle doer who has an eye for interior design and a knack for cooking and home entertaining. This is a killer combo and the backbone of Swoon Talent.

Today,  gets 10K views a month and has a social media reach of 38,519,276. An amazing stat for a start-up niche company in just one year!

What’s so crazy about my business adventure is that I never thought I could be anything other than a television producer. Sadly, I felt my TV shows and hosts defined who I was and without a show I was worthless. I produced hosts from two ends of the spectrum, Today show news anchor Matt Lauer to “Who’s your baby daddy” Maury Povich.  I was desperate for a different creative outlet and was dying to break away from the daily grind of TV production. When I finally said, “Bye Bye” it was freeing and life changing.

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Here’s the kicker! Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it –  Alex one of my twenty-two-year daughters has the television gene. She’s a mini-me! And so, I’m passing the TV torch to her. She’s doing what I always wanted to do at 22. She going Hollywood not New York… but are you ready for this? Drum roll please! She wants to be a TALK SHOW PRODUCER!!!!

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And in case you’re wondering who the precious little dog is in the featured ad above. That’s my yummy Labradoodle Winnie… looks like she wants to be famous too! With my luck she’ll probably ask me to pitch her to The Animal Planet

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To book Winnie:


If you’re a lifestyle expert please send in your submission


TV producers and casting agents come to Swoon for your on-camera lifestyler

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