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Swoon Talent Blog with Jodi Roth of CBS who oversees the Emmys. Steven Colbert Emmys 2017.

One of my most successful dear friends in television is Jodi Roth. She’s met the biggest big stars in the world and it’s no wonder because she’s the Senior Vice President of CBS Specials. Jodi oversees and develops all the network’s primetime specials such as tonight’s 69th Primetime Emmy hosted by Stephen Colbert, the Grammy Awards, the Tony Awards, The Kennedy Center Honors and Academy of Country Music Awards.

.                                                             CBS Executive Jodi Roth at The Emmys

CBS Executive Jodi Roth directing behind the scenes at the Emmys


Our friendship began 25 years ago in New York City in what was then a dingy production facility on West 26th. We were both part of an inaugural team launching a big daytime talk show for Paramount Pictures with Maury Povich as the host.


CBS Executive Jodi Roth & Maury Povich      Talk Show Producer Donna Benner & CBS Executive Jodi Roth   Paramount Pictures Production Staff of The Maury Povich Show 1990s


That production facility has a rich history and was once occupied by The Food Network and The Martha Stewart Show. Martha made it beautiful for the next set of TV show renters which are Rachael Ray and Wendy Williams who currently tape their shows there. Many of our friends produce these long-running talk shows.

Outside the Rachael Ray Show Studio in New York City


Jodi was my naturalist friend who grew up in Woodstock, New York and never had much interest in decorating. I on the other hand was always design obsessed. Decorating and redecorating always helped me escape from the pressures of daytime television. Jodi had 5 different rental apartments before buying her first home in Venice, California. I was always her go-to girlfriend for advice on interior decorating and the one who insisted she trash her college dorm futons and buy big girl sofas.


CBS Executive Jodi Roth Outside Her Airbnb in Ojai, CA

Swoon Talent - Jodi Roth SVP CBS Specials


Fast forward 25 years later, while catching up on our lives and careers, Jodi showed me the finished pictures of what she described as her “side hustle” away from Hollywood, an upscale Zen retreat she built on a property she bought in Ojai, California. So swoon-worthy, Jodi made this gem in Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles an Airbnb. She calls this picture perfect sanctuary Case Nova. Her Boho, New Age roots are evident in its design and I was blown away by her new project and second career.



 Under Construction - Jodi Roth's Airbnb in Ojai, CA   Casa Nova in Ojai, CA,        Jodi's AirBNB, Casa Nova - Ojai, CA


I was drooling! Where did she get those to-die-for sculptural stools, the dramatic black and white horns, that insane dining table and the magnificent weathered red door?


Swoon Talent - Casa Nova Kitchen Designed by CBS Exec Jodi Roth      Swoon Talent Blog - Living Room of Airbnb Designed by Jodi Roth


Here’s what she shared with me…..  The stools were owned by the daughter of a famous TV star and are from a company called Organic Modernism. Jodi bought them on Craigslist for $100 each/retail $795.

The black and white horns wrapped in black leather also from Craigslist were bought from a guy who said he was “Kim Kardashian’s mover.” She apparently didn’t want them anymore. What? They’re valued at $2,000, but Jodi paid $60. Only in LA!

The dining table base is made from bicycle chains and came from World Bazaar Exotics. The top is made from a gorgeous slab of acacia wood. A splurge at $2400.


Case Nova - The Dinning Room

Dining Room Table Made From Bicycle Chains


And the entrance to the home? A secondhand custom made cherry red door she bought on Craigslist for $700.


Rustic Front Door to Casa Nova, Ojai, CA

Unique vintage front door knocker at Casa Nova


Somehow Jodi learned the art of the hunt and decorated the interior of Casa Nova with beautiful bargain gems, high-end furniture and wonderful treasures from her many travels around the world. I don’t know how or when all this design creativity surfaced, but I like to think I had a little something to do with it during our humble beginnings in NYC.

I’m so proud of my girl. Look at the attention to detail, including the brass door knocker Jodi purchased in Brazil. The hand as a door knocker represents the opening of opportunities for others to grown. I think a perfect metaphor for Jodi’s new found second career.

So what’s next for Jodi? She’s got many CBS specials to oversee like Primetime Emmy Awards, Thanksgiving Day Parade and Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials. But weekends are now reserved for a gut renovation on the 3,000 square foot main house in Ojai which is 1/4 of an acre away from Casa Nova. Can’t wait for that reveal!

 To see more of Jodie’s project fit for HGTV visit www.casanovaojai.com


As for me, I have a second career as well which developed out of my love of design, cooking, DIY, gardening and entertaining.

And so Swoon Talent was born….. A boutique PR agency for on-air lifestyle experts and influencers who share our passion.


Check out my talented roster of lifestylers….  swoontalent.com

Donna Benner

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I’m a former national daytime talk show producer who’s been in TV for over 25 years.
I’ve booked thousands of lifestyle experts & celebrities on television.
I parlayed my producing skills and experience in lifestyle TV into entrepreneurship and launched Swoon Talent three years ago.
Swoon Talent is a management agency for on-camera health, food & lifestyle experts.


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