Guess Which Swoon Talent Lifestyle Personality Scored an Invite to the White House Holiday Party?

The answer is…..

The fabulous Miss Dee Marshall…..

influencer, national life coach and keynote speaker

empowering women for a happier and successful life


dee-marshall          dee-a     dee-b


It’s not everyday someone you know gets an invitation to the White House Holiday Celebration Party. So when Swoon Talent’s dynamic motivational life coach Dee Marshall told me she was going to deck the halls with The Obama’s… well, I was incredibly envious and all I wanted to know was, “What on earth will you be wearing?”  Dee had the wardrobe thing all under control and that’s because it wasn’t her first invitation to the White House. She had been there SIX other times, four of those were personal invites from the Obama’s and two were from being on “The White House A LIST”.  The secret to getting on the “A” list? Dee is just one of those nationally respected African American leaders and influencers.

Dee had a blast but said,  “The occasion was bitter sweet because after all, it was the Obama’s last hooray”.


Check out Dee’s invitation


If that wasn’t heart stopping enough… the Obama’s sent Dee a Holiday Card


obama-invite-envelop      signature-card

Let the party begin! 


dee-car    dee-in-coat


dee-and-tree    dee-with-clinton  dee-and-pix


Surprisingly phones were allowed. Check out Dee’s iPhone video of the Obama’s making an entrance.  Listen carefully to Dee shouting out to Michelle, “Hi there gorgeous!”




Along with 300 other hand picked guests and of course Michelle and Barack, Dee dined on lamb chops, cauliflower mac and cheese, apple cobbler, cherry pie and the famous White House eggnog and gingerbread cookies. Check out Dee’s buffet video.




Let’s get back to what Dee wore on the night she partied with Michelle and Barack




The Population Emery Metallic Jersey

Strapless Black Patent and Blush Heels by Chanel


Strapless Black Patent and Blush Heels by Chanel



Vintage Michelle Obama Magazine Clutch (clever choice )




A fabulous fairy tale night!

Stay tuned because we expect this amazing woman will get an invitation to Trump’s Holiday Party as well!


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