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It gives me that delirious rush! That intoxicated feeling! Don’t be shocked or think I’m cuckoo, but it’s one of the most intense and exciting things for me. Being on the set of a big time national talk show turns me on more than sex! I love the cameras, the crew, the famous hosts and the guests. And thanks to one of my clients I had another umpteen date with my first love, the TV studio. I accompanied frugal living expert Lauren Greutman to 30 Rock. One of Lauren’s 12th time on Today, my 10,000th time on an NBC set. Jennifer Lopez was the star performer and that just threw me into a state of intoxication.     Don't get me wrong, I’m far from star-struck.  I guess you can compare my adrenalin rush to the blood, sweat and tears of a stock trader in the middle of the insanity on the exchange floor, feeling the pulsating beat of the music throughout your body when you…

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04 Jul Lauer & Povich’s Former Producer Builds Dream Lifestyle Talent PR Company

Today is a very BIG deal for me because it’s Swoon Talent's FIRST anniversary. One year ago, I successfully transitioned from high intense TV talk show production to entrepreneurship. There's no doubt that this 4th of July marks a milestone in my career and is the holiday which exemplifies personal freedom and independence for me. After intense planning and development, it was on this day my dream was FINALLY launched.   I had won enough Emmys to fill my mantel, had produced thousands of hours of Talk TV that was making my head spin... not to mention working under a local news director who was the final straw. She was a HORROR show. *Behind the scenes tip…. news directors should never oversee talk shows - just two different worlds. Frankly, after more than 25 years in the industry, I was sick and tired of making millions for others. Of course, there were a few naysayers who thought Swoon Talent would never get off the ground. This…

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12 Jun Former TV Newscaster Turned Pinterest Princess

What do you get when you take a former news anchor with an incredible design talent for home styling & entertaining and combine it with Pinterest? You get a swoonfulicious lifestyler! That's the expertise of Monica Hart who's more than camera-ready! Monica is one of Swoon Talent's newest lifestyle experts & is a rising Pinterest influencer with 17K devoted followers. And no wonder.... this self-taught interior designer inspires her fans in design, DIY, gardening, repurposing, cooking and extravagant cocktails. In fact, her gorgeous lavender blackberry martini drop cocktail was pinned 7K times     Her most challenging and adventurous design project was something very personal… her dream home and garden. Monica acting as contractor and designer rebuilt a 14 year old fixer-upper, right down to the studs, transforming it into a 5,000 square foot, multi-million dollar showstopper overlooking Lake Washington                                                         Monica’s magnificent home and creative style…

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15 May 74 Times on the Today Show – Our Swoon Lifestylers Who Hit the NBC Jackpot!

Most national talk shows from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles are currently on hiatus. They recently wrapped up production, a well-deserved time off for staffers and will return end of summer for another grueling schedule of tapings. I've been there as a national talk show producer and would count down the weeks for a nice long breather. I can tell you that pregnancies are even planned around hiatus time! The Today show never shuts down. It's full speed ahead for them 365 days a year. Great for guests who want to get on the show, but I get nightmares just thinking about that schedule and how hard their dedicated and talented producers work. I bring up Today because every single on-air lifestyle talent on wants to get booked on that show. It’s a career game-changer for sure, but it's tough to lock in and get invited to appear. I compare it to hitting the talk show lottery. Swoon Talent has several lucky…

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06 Mar A Triple Whammy…. Swoon Talent Scores Rachael Ray And Two Today Show Bookings For Lifestyle Guru

She gets millions of website views to her site I Am That Lady.  Has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Written two books and a third one soon to be released… but there’s two things money-saving lifestyle TV guru Lauren Greutman couldn’t seem to secure - getting booked on The Rachael Ray Show and the Today show.  That is… until she met ME!              And here’s the pièce de résistance….. I got Lauren booked on both Rachael Ray and Today all in one month (stay tuned for Rachael’s air-date with Lauren).  And most recently, Lauren was asked to come back a SECOND time to be a guest on the 4th hour of Today. Yea I know - pretty amazing! But Lauren is a pretty amazing talent.         So let's go behind the scenes with Swoon's Frugal Living Expert Lauren Greutman on her journey to the Today show I think the entire process of working with the Today show from…

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14 Feb Dress To Kill Like E! News Host Maria Menounos

E! News anchor Maria Menounos is one of the best dressed entertainment/lifestyle hosts on TV. She kills it! And no wonder, Maria and other E! talent have the luxury of working with celebrity wardrobe stylist Denise Borrego. A total perk when you reach the big time!              But, until you reach celebrity status like Maria, you're just gonna have to pick out your own outfits for TV gigs. What I know for sure is that many of you have no idea where to start, shop, or how to put it all together. If you're lucky enough to get booked on the Today show, Rachael Ray, GMA, The Chew, Steve Harvey, or as an Entertainment Tonight expert-YOU are still responsible for your own outfits. Only the stars get royal treatment. So what you wear is just as important as how you look and what you say. You want to knock em dead and appear like you’ve hired the best stylist in…

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