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29 Mar Hot + Gorgeous + Fit = 7 Times on Today Show

  Lets talk about this movie star face, this rock solid body and one of the sweetest guys!  This is "swoonalicious" fitness pro & model Joey Thurman of So, when I got Joey's Swoon submission, which included sexy pics & a few fantastic appearances on local shows in his home town of Chicago - I didn't think twice!  YES, we want you! It happened fast... a national TV booking. But just not any booking. We're talkin' Today show! When our fitness God notified me that Today was doing a SEVEN part Summer Slim Down Series with him I wasn't a bit surprised. I know several senior producers over at Today and like me they know a great guest the minute they read a pitch. In fact, I tell all my lifestyle experts accepted into Swoon Talent, "You are gifts to talk show producers".  The problem is a lot of rookie producers don't know a good guest if they fell over one. I've booked thousands of…

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  GUEST BLOG FEATURING STYLIST LIZ TEICH     A big part of Swoon Talent is our lifestyle bloggers, like Liz Teich. Liz is a fashion stylist, blogger, TV style expert & mom living in Brooklyn. Check out her TV clips. Her blog The New York Stylist @thenewyorkstylist is where she shares her finds, expert tips and thoughts on living stylishly in the big city. I chose this particular blog of Liz's to share with you all because I've always been obsessed with leopard. I own five leopard coats & blazers dating back to the 90's. Clearly, leopard is the big staple everyone should be wearing this fall. Read on to see what other fashion must haves are on Liz's list.         [1] ANIMAL PRINT (ESPECIALLY LEOPARD) I think of all the trends I saw in the streets of NYFW, leopard print was the most prevalent. It was everywhere and in every form. To me, it’s not as much of a trend…

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21 Oct Steve Harvey’s Producer & Her Trendy Side Hustle

I was a talk show producer for several national shows before I launched Swoon Talent, a broadcast talent company for lifestyle experts and hosts. My one regret is that I wish I had started my business five years earlier.  But second careers aren’t common for producers working long hours on television shows. Alyson DiFranco, a former co-worker of mine and Senior Producer for Steve Harvey’s talk show is breaking the norm. Alyson has added a second job to her resume. Along with her sister April, she's the co-owner of a vintage clothing business. Read about another dear friend, a CBS executive who's side hustle is in home construction turned Airbnbs. But why fashion from the past? The DiFranco sisters have had an appreciation of vintage clothing since they were little girls. Their mother and grandmother who were fashionistas inspired them to love clothing from the 40s, 50s, 60s 70s, 80s and 90s. Already weekend flea market treasure hunters, it only seemed fitting that they take…

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20 Aug Behind The Scenes With A Rachael Ray Producer: At Home & On Set

Rachael Ray’s Senior Supervising Producer is Joanna Sims, a long-time friend of mine. We’ve known each other for 18 years and first met when she was fresh out of college. I was super lucky to work side by side with her as my Associate Producer on an NBC national talk show. So, when I asked Joanna if I could write a blog about her for Swoon Talent she said, “Anything for you DB”. She says that a lot and has been a big supporter of Swoon. Now that’s loyalty! Two decades of friendship and personal lives that are remarkably parallel. It starts with our tedious and difficult commutes to our TV jobs. I traveled 80 hours a month to New York; Joanna’s commute to Rachael Ray is an ungodly 120 hours a month. She has me beat on that one! And, we’re both blessed with twins. Joanna’s son and daughter, Nico and Anya turned 2 in September. My girls Chloe and Alex ALSO have birthdays…

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09 Dec How To Look Like A Lifestyle Star…. Lights! Camera! Action!

Lifestyle TV Stars! If you want to be one you have to look the part and it starts with a fierce photo. I’m a three-time Emmy Award Winning National Talk Show Producer and owner of Swoon Talent, an East Coast business that specializes in promoting on-air Lifestyle Experts. In order to catch the attention of  TV producers, bookers, editors and brands, quality on-air clips of my client's work are very important to my business. Second to that are relevant, cool and beautiful personality photos. Good-bye boring and standard headshots! Many lifestyle pros that come my way don’t know where to begin or how to communicate the look I feel are important in photographs that make them look like polished stars. I see hundreds of standard headshots a year and getting them "right" is a problem. However, recently I received a very special talent submission. It was from an adorable, 26 year old Professional Nanny and TV Childcare Expert who nailed it. She captured my attention the moment…

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17 Sep A Hollywood TV Executive & Her Sexy Side Gig!

One of my most successful dear friends in television is Jodi Roth. She’s met the biggest big stars in the world and it’s no wonder because she’s the Senior Vice President of CBS Specials. Jodi oversees and develops all the network’s primetime specials such as tonight's 69th Primetime Emmy hosted by Stephen Colbert, the Grammy Awards, the Tony Awards, The Kennedy Center Honors and Academy of Country Music Awards. .                                                                Our friendship began 25 years ago in New York City in what was then a dingy production facility on West 26th. We were both part of an inaugural team launching a big daytime talk show for Paramount Pictures with Maury Povich as the host.               That production facility has a rich history and was once occupied by The Food Network and The Martha…

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