A Triple Whammy…. Swoon Talent Scores Rachael Ray And Two Today Show Bookings For Lifestyle Guru

She gets millions of website views to her site I Am That Lady.  Has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Written two books and a third one soon to be released… but there’s two things money-saving lifestyle TV guru Lauren Greutman couldn’t seem to secure – getting booked on The Rachael Ray Show and the Today show.  That is… until she met ME!  


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And here’s the pièce de résistance…..

I got Lauren booked on both Rachael Ray and Today all in one month (stay tuned for Rachael’s air-date with Lauren).  And most recently, Lauren was asked to come back a SECOND time to be a guest on the 4th hour of Today. Yea I know – pretty amazing! But Lauren is a pretty amazing talent.





So let’s go behind the scenes with Swoon’s Frugal Living Expert Lauren Greutman on her journey to the Today show

I think the entire process of working with the Today show from start to finish is pretty interesting.  So I asked Lauren to do a play-by–play on her Today show adventure appearance #2.


Friday – January 29th

Donna gets an email from the senior producer of TODAY with Kathie Lee & Hoda asking if I was available for a second appearance on the show. A great contact of Donna’s because the two have mutual TV friends and Donna was also Matt Lauer’s senior producer. So, of course Donna’s answer was a big fat YES, but it wasn’t that easy. We had to send the producer some ideas.  So we conceptualized 8 amazing segments and sent them right away.


Thursday – February 25th

Time slowly ticked by and we heard nothing for weeks until Donna got an email from the producer saying Lauren’s wining topic was Save A $100 A Month on Your Groceries by Shopping Online. Then I had to break it down and give examples. She loved my idea and wanted to know if I could tape Thursday March 3. That’s SIX days away. YIKES!  But you just don’t say no to the Today show. Just made my life a little more exciting!


Monday – February 29th

I was assigned a segment producer and we went over the execution of the segment on the phone. I also gave her a list of my props needed for the show.  Now that’s a luxury!  She also took down my travel info and sent it off to their travel department. The show pays for everything.  However, you do not get paid to appear.  But this kind of exposure is immeasurable.


Tuesday – March 1st

Last minute topic change. Yep changing gears! Now doing a segment on Turn Your Junk Into Cash.  Preparing a segment for a major show like this is hard work.  It takes hours and hours of planning, organizing, phone calls, legal checks, and anything else you can think of. I also want to make sure that the segment is visually appealing and has great actionable advice. But I can go with the flow, work a little harder.  No problem! This this new direction didn’t throw me off at all.  After all, the show must go on!


Wednesday Morning – March 2nd

Shopping frantically for something to wear. This is what I chose! Can’t go wrong with blue!


Wednesday Afternoon – March 2nd

Flew to NYC Wednesday afternoon. I arrived at LaGuardia Airport and there was a BMW Town car waiting to take me to Club Quarters Hotel in Rockerfeller Center. Today show puts some of their guests there because it’s within walking distance to the studios.


Wednesday Evening – March 2

Off to NBC at 6PM for day before show rehearsal. So I head over to the studio and check in with security. I also got a day pass for taping day.


At the rehearsal, we go over my props and the set director maps out where my things need to go for the show in the morning. They have a full props department and dozens of people working through the night to make sure their segments are top-notch. See those rolls of different colored tape on the top right?  The director uses that tape to mark the floor where my props need to be positioned.


Here is a sneak peek of my demo set-up. I brought the dresses and shoes from my house to show on air.  The other items in the segment were provided by the props department.


Rehearsal takes about 30 minutes, then I am off for the night expected to arrive at the studio at 10:30 am the next morning.


Thursday – March 3rd

I arrive at 10:30 and get shown the green room which is really orange. Next I wait my turn for hair and makeup. Getting TV ready usually takes about 45 minutes.  The Green room is always very busy with people coming in and out.  Of course, celebrity guests have private dressing rooms.



When it’s finally my turn to tape, I arrive on set and it looks beautiful!


I always ask how much time I have for the segment, because that helps me mentally prepare for how long I need to spend on each talking point.  I had 4 minutes for this one, so I knew that I had about 30 seconds per demo. Gotta talk fast on TV! Oh, here’s what it looks like moments before show-time. Crazy time!


Jenna Bush sat in for Kathie Lee Gifford who was out that day. We chatted quickly before the segment about questions she and Hoda had about my demo. I met the 2 hosts moments before taping. They don’t make trips to the green room to greet guests.  Producers have that job!

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Are you ready for this? I now have an open invitation to return to Today.  Thank you Donna Benner of Swoon Talent.  We’re an incredible team!FullSizeRender 3


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