Lifestyle Experts….. Wanna Get Noticed by Good Morning America?

How would you like 159,000 website views in a few days and a major gig on Good Morning America?

Well that’s what happened to Swoon Talent’s Gina Ferwerda. It went down like this. Gina got word that GMA was having a Chocolate Cake Taste-Off and was searching for the BEST chocolate cake in America for a segment they were doing for National Chocolate Cake Day. So what did she do? She sent in her powerful profile page published on, as well as her original one-of-a-kind to die for chocolate cake recipe. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF


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Shocked and ecstatic, Gina got the call she’s been waiting for her entire career. A producer from GMA loved her TV appearances on Swoon’s site and her salty and sweet chocolate-crusted cake concoction sealed the deal. She was invited to fly to New York City in less than 24 hours… all expenses paid. It was as easy as that! How awesome that Swoon Talent’s Gina Ferwerda, a food blogger and TV cook from Michigan was one of the lucky ones. She certainly hit the GMA lottery.

There are certain TV shows that can take your career to a whole new level. Good Morning America is one of them. It’s a career game changer, but it’s also very difficult if not impossible to get booked if you’re not an A list celeb or the center of the hottest news story. Producers are extremely selective when locking in lifestyle experts and only the lucky get chosen. Way to go Gina!


Next thing you know, I turn on my TV and there’s my Gina LIVE on the set of Good Morning America between two hunky stars-celebrity Chef Rocco Dispirito and GMA host Jesse Palmer, a former NFL player and ABC Bachelor. That’s enough stimulation to make anyone nervous. But not Gina cause she’s used to doing live TV. Her family, friends and of course myself are praying she takes home the trophy.


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But did she? I’m going to let Gina take over from as she takes us behind the scenes of her GMA experience…

“As I sat in my hotel room where GMA puts their guests I just had to take a deep breath and truly enjoy this incredible moment. I couldn’t believe this small town Michigan girl was about to be on Good Morning America. It was surreal. I had been waiting for this my entire life.


I had a 5:30am call time, with rehearsals starting at 5:45am, so it was an early night for me. After arriving at the the ABC studios I was whisked to the green room where I was briefed on the morning agenda and the timing of my segment and then onto hair and makeup. Michael Strahan, popped in to say, “Good morning” to the beauty staff. They also do hair and makeup for Michael and Ginger Zee.


My shot at stardom didn’t stop there. Next thing I knew I was doing the popular GMA Live Wakeup Call with Rebecca Jarvis. That was amazing! We started the live segment off in her private hair and makeup room and then made our way down to the kitchen where they were prepping for the chocolate cake segment. Now, you have to understand that I’m always the one to cook, prep and shop for the items for each of my live food segments but their incredible food stylist and chef did all the work. What a luxury to just show up and have my cake completely prepared ahead of time for my segment. That was awesome! Truly star treatment!


Before I knew it, it was show time! We took our places on the set. The judging table consisted of Amy Robach, Downton Abbey actress Lily James, Lara Spencer and members of the New York-New Jersey Bakers Club. I could hardly breath as they tasted my chocolate creation.


The winner was announced! “The Michigander”. That’s me! I threw my hands up and cheered. Take a look at my big moment.


As I headed back home with my award winning cake trophy, my phone and emails were working overtime. Within a few hours, I had 5 TV bookings, my blog got 159,000 views and my social media platforms increased by hundreds.”


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That’s Gina’s story! Are we talking amazing or what? And just think… it was Swoon’s profile page of Gina that caught the attention of GMA’s producers.  YOU could be the next GMA lifestyle guest! To join our curated selection of lifestyle gurus you”ll find our submission form on


Oh, and lets not forget Gina’s Pretzel Crusted Chocolate Cake With Peanut Butter Frosting?

To get GMA’s favorite chocolate cake recipe go to


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